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Dispensary and Grow Tours

Let HIGH LIFE PROMOTIONS give you an in-depth tour of a 10,000 square foot commercial grow operation. This educational tour, guided by industry professionals, will show and explain the entire process of how the cannabis you purchase in local dispensaries is grown and harvested. From 4″ clones to 6-foot-tall flowering plants, our unique grow, courtesy of Freedom Road Gardens, is able to show you every stage of development and explain in detail the processes vital to producing high quality legal cannabis.

After the grow tour we will give you a personal tour of the best dispensaries in Southern Colorado.

Our tour also provides a free gift bag and a VIP coupon booklet that will save you up to $500 at select area dispensaries and glass shops. Between stops feel free to consume cannabis products in our safe, licensed and insured cannabis lounge on wheels. We provide everything from dab rigs and bongs to pipes and rolling stations.

Come share in this unique experience, perfect for experienced users and novices alike.


Would you love a cannabis friendly wedding but worried about offending your more conservative family members and friends? Have you found the perfect wedding reception venue but on-site consumption is not okay? High Life Promotions has your solution!

We offer a spacious, comfortable, and most importantly, legal venue to fulfill all your cannabis wedding needs. Our buses are licensed and insured so all passengers are exempt from public consumption and open container laws. We can park onsite and provide you and your guests everything you will need to make your special day “highly” unique. From dab rigs to rolling stations, a huge strain selection to delectable chocolates and candies, let us take care of all the details. Our concierge will make sure you and your guests want for nothing and will be there to keep everyone safe and happy.

Pick from one of our many packages that best fits your needs. We offer a full-service shuttle to and from your wedding reception OR just have one of our many buses parked outside your wedding or reception venue. The exterior of our buses range from flashy to discreet and can accommodate anywhere from 15 to 30 people at a time. Just tell us what you need and we will custom tailor the experience to your desires.

Private Parties and Events

HIGH LIFE PROMOTIONS offers a variety of private services, catering to everything from corporate events and private parties to concert shuttles and cannabis friendly weddings/receptions. Allow us to provide all your smoking accessories and a safe ride for whatever you’re planning. We are a fully licensed and insured common carrier/limousine service which makes all our passengers exempt from public consumption and open container laws. Make your next party or event “highly” memorable and unique.

Consumption Rides

Our unique cannabis lounge on wheels is the only legal consumption venue in Southern Colorado and provides everything you need to partake in comfort and style. Need a dab rig? We’ve got you covered. Bongs, pipes, papers, grinders and blunt wraps? Yep, we’ve got those too.

Let HIGH LIFE PROMOTIONS pick you up and drop you off anywhere in Trinidad city limits. Let us take you to the finest dispensaries in town. Our industry professional concierge knows where to find the best deals on flower, concentrates, edibles and more and is there to answer all your questions and assure everyone is comfortable and safe.

We are a fully licensed and insured common carrier/limousine service which makes all our passengers exempt from public consumption and open container laws.